From The Driver SeatWe idled around in the parking lot to make sure there were no surprises. As we pulled out of the driveway and accelerated down the road, the Sport Trac's ride was like floating on air-no pun intended. As Casey applied the bakes and rolled into a corner, the front and rear independent suspension and the Pirelli Scorpions dug in and gripped the asphalt with limited body roll. Coppertone felt like it was on rails. The overall ride was very good. After we cruised into the parking lot, Casey put it in park, purged the 'bags to the pre-programmed layout specs, dropped Coppertone's framerails within a 1/4-inch from the asphalt, tuckin' those 20s and 22s. It was too cool.

Time Spent Working: Approximately 9 hours
Degree of Difficulty: Advanced

Tools Needed: Floor jack, jackstands, basic handtools, wrenches, drill press, Allen wrenches, pickle fork, Schrader valve, a hand-held plasma cutter or cutting torch, disc grinder, mig-welder, tig-welder, portable hand drill, assorted drill bits, small and medium Phillips screwdrivers, an airline cutter, and an industrial pneumatic tire changer.

(2) Air Lift front strut airbags PN82605 $699.00 pair
(2) Air Lift rear strut airbags PN82107 $625.00 pair
(1) Air Lift control system kit PN27630 $1,525.00 each
(4 sets) Urethane strut stem bushings and fasteners PNRS981
(1) Air Lift compressor PN16380
(1) 5-gallon air tank PN10991
(1) 40-footx1/2-inch-diameter airline PN20996
(1) Digital Controller 175 psi PN27025
(1) Digital Controller 175 psi ECU harness PN25033
(2) Manifolds PN25035
(1) Pressure transducer/sensor PN24001
(1) Display to ECU line PN26440
(2) 1/2-inch MNPTX1/4-inch FNPT bushings PN21247
(1) Drain cock valve PN21754
(1) Inflation valve PN21366
(2) 1/2-inch Hex head pipe plugs PN21193
(2) 1/2-inch MNPTX1/2-inch tube 90-degree elbow PN21370
(1) Air Line cutter PN10530
(6) 3/8-inch MNPTX1/2-inch tube 90-degree elbow PN21637
(2) Self-tapping screws PN17132
(1) Thread sealant PN23586
(10) Self-tapping screws PN17263
(4) 3/8-inch -16 Nyloc nuts PN18435
(8) 3/8-inch flat washers PN18444
(1) Display mounting bracket PN10415
(1) Velcro PN10519
(4) Manifold mounting brackets PN10422
(8) 3/8-inch, 20x3/8-inch screws PN17320
Sub Total: $2,849.00
(2) Devious Edge 5 wheels 22x8-inch $1,400.00 pair
(2) Devious Edge 5 wheels 22x9-1/2-inch $2,000.00 pair
(2) Pirelli Scorpion Zero 265/35R22 (front) $476.00 pair
(2) Pirelli Scorpion Zero 305/35ZR22 (rear) $772.00 pair
(prices from
Total: $7,497.00
Bonspeed/Devious US Wheel Corp
15702 Producer Ln
Huntington Beach
CA  92649
Pirelli Tires
Devious Customs (air suspension installation)
7505 Jurupa Ave
CA  92504
Air Lift/Easy Street Company
P.O. Box 80167
MI  48908
CGS Motorsports
Hot Motorsports (wheels/tires mounting)
1701 E. Edinger Ave., Unit C8
Santa Ana
CA  92705