Building a truck is by no means an easy process, such that every bolt lines up the first time, parts are always in stock and shipped the next day-or better yet-people who you're depending on actually pull through. These factors, as well as many others, contribute to the headache and stress in the process of creating a wild show truck, or even an over-the-top daily driver.

With two decades of experience in 4x4 trucks, Pat Gerber of Shocker Motorsports knows a thing or two about building, driving, and maintaining a big off-road ride. When it came time to build a new truck for his wife, Randi, the choice was obvious: go big or go home.

As the owner and driver of the Shocker Monster Truck, Pat teamed up with Kyle Gann of K-Daddyz Kustomz to create a daily driver that rivals any show truck. Check out how they went about the build, and give Shocker a call if your ride is more stocker than shocker.