When I see a Corvette, the first thing that comes to mind is America's real sports car that delivers styling, power, handling, and braking; the complete testosterone package.

We are seeing more and more, '67-'72 Chevy/GM C10 pickup suspensions being upgraded by installing Corvette suspensions, aided by pneumatic 'bags. The Corvette suspension upper and lower control arms, spindle, and brake calipers are all constructed from aluminum, minimizing unsprung weight on each corner. By eliminating suspension weight, it will improve the vehicle's braking and cornering.

Mario Romero from Top Line Performance in Huntington Beach, California, installed the suspension from an '86 C4 Corvette onto a '72 Chevy C10 frame with coilover shocks. Unfortunately, the front shocks and springs weren't strong enough to carry the weight of the heavy '72 Chevy C10. The rear ride height was fine, but something had to be done about the sagging front suspension. So, it was decided to install an Air Ride Technologies two-way Ride-Pro System with a pair of SKW 1030 Shockwave integral air spring/shocks, to give the front C4 Corvette suspension vertical agility.

Follow along, as Don Williamson installed the Air Ride Technologies system.


Time Spent Working: 3 hours
Degree of Difficulty: Moderate
There was some cutting, bending, and welding of the 1-1/2-inch O.D. (outside diameter) tubing upper Shockwave mounting hoop.

Air Ride Technologies two-way Ride Pro Compressor System, PN ARC2000, $749 Air Ride Technologies Shockwave integral air-spring shocks, PN SKW1030, $899 (2 needed)

Total Cost: $1,648

Quantity - Description - Part Number
1 - Thomas 327 air compressor - PN ARC5001
1 - Ride Pro air-valve assembly - PN V2500
1 - Ride Pro control panel (with electrical switches) - PN CON2500
1 - 3-port 2-gallon air tank - PN TANK2000
2 - 30 ft. roll of 1/4-inch-dia. DOT air line - PN ARL2000
1 - 25 ft. roll of 1/8-inch-dia. air line - PN ARL1000
1 - Ride Pro 10 ft. extension harness - PN WIR1010A
1 - 150-psi pressure switch - PN PRE1500
1 - 1/8 -inch NPT x 1/4-inch tube - PN FIT2150
1 - 2-inch-dia. pipe nipple for compressor - PN FIT7003
2 - 1/4-inch-dia. air line tee fitting - PN FIT4000
2 - 1/4-inch-dia. elbow air line fitting - PN FIT4201
5 - 1/4-inch x 1/4-inch male straight fitting - PN FIT4000
2 - 1/8-inch-dia. npt x 1/8-inch-dia. tube straight fitting - PNFIT2000
1 - 1/4-inch-dia. HEX head pipe plug - PN FIT7004

Air Ride Technologies
350 S. Charles St
IN  47546
Top Line Performance
7312 Auto Park Dr
Huntington Beach
CA  92648
K&A Customs
Huntington Beach
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