A fair share of our features rely on air suspensions for their ultra-low stance, but the price of the components, not to mention the fabrication, can be prohibitive for guys on a budget. This truck isn't about budget, it's about looking good and getting the best handling possible from a truck, and a static drop can be the answer here as well. We turned to Belltech; one of the industry's pioneers in lowered suspensions, to show you how good your truck can look for under $1,000. For our install, we headed to Trader's Trucks in Santa Fe Springs, California, where they can do just about anything to your truck but paint it. Once at the shop, Ox, Trader's go-to technician, got to business.

From the Driver Seat
Ox handled our install in no time, and we were very happy with the quality of parts from the Belltech kit. If it weren't for our truck's custom driveshaft, the kit would have required no fabrication at all. Removing the factory hangers would be a serious chore without an air chisel, so if you plan on doing this job in your garage, see if your local parts store rents air tools, it will make short work of the rivets. Another thing we liked about the Belltech kit was that it contained two separate styles of bumpstops for the front suspension to cover the slight variances in Chevy truck frames from different factories. The kit didn't leave much room before the rear bumpstops contacted the leaf springs, but our shakedown drive on the highway proved that the ride was just like the factory, only with better handling.


Time Spent Working: About six hours
Degree of Difficulty: Intermediate (you do have to remove the torsion keys and cut of spring hangers)

Belltech 991SP 4/4 drop with shocks. $843 (Price from Stylintrucks.com)

Pro Wheels
16114 Pioneer Blvd.
CA  90650
Trader's Trucks
Nitto Tires
6261 Katella Ave., Dept. MMFF
Suite 2C
CA  90630
Belltech Sport Trucks
2822 E. California Ave.
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