Leaf spring technology hasn't changed much since the era of horse and buggy, yet most trucks come equipped with the antiquated suspension because it holds up well, has a large carrying capacity, and is relatively inexpensive. Until Dodge released its latest '09 Ram with a five-link coil rear suspension, manufacturers placed utility over comfort. We've long been advocates of companies trying something new and Sulastic rubber springs answered the call of millions of truck owners asking for better ride quality. The Sulastic rubber spring simply replaces the old leaf spring shackle and bolts between the leaf spring and leaf spring mount. The large rubber spring reduces vibration by absorbing the suspension deflection and smoothing out the leaf spring's oscillation. Think of it almost as a shock for your leaf spring and not just your axle. Bolting on these springs won't compromise your truck's payload or towing, and for you lowered guys, it won't lift your truck either. Check out how easy the install was and give Sulastic a call to smooth out your rig's ride.

Anyone who has worked on a '99+ Chevy or GMC knows that the upper leaf spring hanger bolt is a real bear to get to without removing the U-bolts. That one bolt proved to be the only challenge of the install and once it was removed, the new Sulastic springs went right in. Our truck was an old work truck that had been beaten up pretty badly, but even so, we did notice an improved ride and much smoother rear axle with the new Sulastic springs in place. We'll be lowering this Sierra in an upcoming issue and we'll be sure to report back if these springs also create a smoother ride on a lowered truck.


Time Spent Working: 1 1/2 Hours
Degree Of Difficulty: Beginner

Tools Needed:
13/16-inch wrench, 12mm socket, jack, jackstands, Liquid Wrench

Parts Used:
Sulastic Rubber Springs SA-01 $349.99

Total: $349.99
(price from sulastic.com)

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