The initial vision that came to my mind when deciding to customize the '50 Chevy Suburban "Sublime" was to have it lay out in the weeds tucking its 22-inch wheels and tires. A static drop would be cool, but to achieve the ultimate "low as it can go" profile, the suspension had to be 'bagged. A Ride Tech air suspension system would be the answer to Sublime's needs. Jason Breed found the front billet aluminum Shockwave convoluted air springs had some clearance issues. The newly designed larger, dual adjustable knob located at the bottom of the shock housing interfered with the lower A-arm mounting cross member, not allowing the Shockwave to mount into the lower A-arm. Single adjustable front Shockwave with internal ride height sensor were substituted to cure the clearance issue. The rear rolling sleeve Shockwaves with internal ride height sensors and AirCans bolted right up. The Shockwave front and rear air springs were linked to the dual compressors, air tank and solenoid air valve manifold completing the system. Because this was a mockup installation of the Ride Tech system we were not able to drive and evaluate its ride and handling performance. Stay tuned.