Time Spent Working: 5 hours
Degree of Difficulty: Intermediate

Tools Needed:
1/4-inch Allen T-handle, 9/16-inch combination wrench, airline cutters, 1/2-inch combination wrench

Ride Tech RidePRO E3 System:
(2) SKW8005DA rear rolling sleeve Shockwaves with internal ride height sensors, AirCans
(2) SKW1004DA front convoluted Shockwaves with internal ride height sensors
(1) TANK5100 aluminum five-gallon air tank
(2) ARC5001 air compressors
(1) ARV4000 four-way Ride PRO air valve assembly
(1) CON8001 Ride PRO E3 ECU
(1) CON8002 Ride PRO E3 display control panel
(1) WIR3400 display control panel wiring harness
(1) WIR8060 air valve wiring harness
(1) WIR8460 air pressure sensor wiring harness
(1) WIR8160 main power/compressor wiring harness
(1) WIR8162 secondary compressor wiring harness (installed in WIR8160)
(1) WIR8360 ride height sensor wiring harness
(2) ARL2000 30 feet of 1/4-inch diam. DOT air line
(6) FIT4201 1/4-inch npt x 1/4-inch tube elbow fitting for air springs
(8) FIT4000 1/4-inch npt x 1/4-inch tube straight fittings for air valve and tank
(1) FIT7004 1/4-inch npt plug for extra tank port

Total: $4,900.00
(Price from Ride Tech does not include installation and also does not include sales tax)

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IN  47546
Ironworks Speed & Kustom
2762 Unicorn Road
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