As you can see by the before and after photos, the Ram is much more stable when making high-speed turns. Body roll was minimized and we feel like our 26-inch MHT wheels and Nitto 305/30R26 NT420S tires are working much more efficiently as they're planted throughout the corners. What surprised us the most was how burly the solid front 1 1/2-inch bar was-it was basically a sewer pipe bolted to the front end and did a great job of handling the Ram's heftiness. Before we could feel elated, we had to feel disappointment. Both the front and rear bushing mount bolt holes were way off and required extensive drilling, with the front requiring a drill press. Being that we were at the track doing the install, this set us back over an hour.


Time Spent Working: 2 hours
Degree Of Difficulty: Intermediate
(Only because we had to drill out the bushing bolt holes)

Tools Needed:
15mm socket/wrench, 17mm socket/wrench, -inch wrench, floor jack, jackstands

Parts Used:
ADDCO front sway bar 2256 $200.38
ADDCO rear sway bar 2427 $TBD

Total: $200.38
(Price from does not include new rear sway bar price, tax, shipping, or installation)

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