Comparing the before and after handling performance of the '67 Chevy C10 pickup was like comparing night and day. The Hotchkis Sport Suspension System greatly improved the lateral load transfer when entering a corner and hitting the apex. With the new confidence, you could explode out of the exit much faster than before. Coming off the corners, acceleration bite was increased due to the anti-squat system that allowed the power to be planted to the ground instantly with no signs of wheelhop or axlewrap. As the Hotchkis Sport Suspension System components worked in unison with each other during braking, cornering, and acceleration, it transformed the C10 into a sports car-like machine. This kit is expensive, but it's not your typical drop kit, rather it's a real performance upgrade. If you enjoy pushing your truck to the edge of its limits, this kit is worth every penny. Everyone who gets a single minute of seat time always gets out the truck shaking their heads in outright disbelief of this C10's capabilities.


Time Spent Working: 6 Hours
Degree Of Difficulty: Intermediate

Tools Needed:
Three-pound sledge hammer, floor jack, assorted sockets and wrenches, air impact gun, welder

Parts Used:
Hotchkis Sport Suspension Total Vehicle System for '67-'72 Chevy/GMC trucks 80390 $5,280.95

Total: $5,280.95
(Price does not include tax, shipping, or labor)

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