We're pleased to introduce our newest in-house project dubbed the Blue Bomber. A stripped-down work model 2011 Chevy Silverado, Blue Bomber certainly has some style and curb appeal as delivered fresh from the dealer's showroom. However, we are looking for a great ratio of handling, speed, and comfort that can be driven on a regular basis to work, to the track, and everywhere in between. Is it a realistic goal? Only time will tell, and right now we're pumped to jump right in and get started with an all-new suspension we sourced from Belltech sport truck suspension systems. With nearly 30 years in truck suspension development under its belt, Belltech has been a staple in the truck market nearly as long as Truckin has.

At the heart of our front suspension are Belltech's Street Performance adjustable front strut (PN: 25003, $119.75 each). Tuned specifically for our truck application, the McPherson struts' adjustable spring seat mounts allows for altering ride heights. Depending on spacer configurations, the shock produces ride heights in 1/2-inch increments from a 2-inch drop all the way up through a 2-inch lift. Topping that was a 2-inch lowering progressive-rate Pro Coil Spring set (PN: 12463, $231.75) along with a pair of 2-inch lowering spindles (PN: 2509, $348.13). To improve Blue Bomber's handling and steering response, we also installed a 13/8 inch sway bar up front (PN: 5407, $239.00). Getting the rear of the truck under control was easy. We simply slipped in Belltech's 5- to 6-inch adjustable flip kit (PN: 6521, $355.38) and a pair of Street Performance tuned shocks (PN: 2212FF, $74.00 each).

Installation can be done by anyone with decent mechanical abilities, but does require a small amount of cutting for clearance. We chose to head over to Stillen's Performance Center to have our suspension handled by the pros. Not just an Internet parts supplier, Stillen has a full service department, dyno tuning shop, and can even install your custom aftermarket parts. As an authorized Belltech dealer and performance installation center, Stillen has all the capabilities to carry out a wide assortment of performance-based vehicle builds. Check out the install to see how we dropped our 2011 Silverado, and in the process gave it sports car-like handling.

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