Sometimes when something works just fine, it still isn't good enough. Take a stock suspension for instance. For most people, the stock suspension is great, but if you want a truck with a performance attitude, you have to change it up. That is just what we did with our 2013 Ford F-150 FX2. We wanted to make it suitable for our THROWDOWN performance truck series, so some changes were in order.

We began by calling Belltech and ordering their adjustable front drop and 5½-inch rear drop kit (PN: 972SP, $737.75). This will allow us to adjust the front height to exactly where we need it from 1-inch of lift all the way to 3 inches of drop. To complement the lowered look of the truck, Bravado Performance Wheels was sourced for a set of their 22-inch Axe truck/SUV wheels. Known for their performance car wheels, Bravado took a stab at the truck market and delivered a really good-looking design. Finally, a quick call to Discount Tire Direct was all it took to order a set of 285/40R22 Nitto NT420S tires. These will ensure thousands of miles of hard use and plenty of traction. With the parts in hand, we rolled the truck into our Irvine Tech Center and got to work transforming this F-150 into a corner-carving beast.

Belltech Suspension