11. The rear mount for this system mounted to the underside of the axle using bolts and a new U-bolt.

12. The front mount worked in conjunction with the lateral stiffener from the stiffening system. To bolt it to the frame, two new holes had to be drilled in the frame for bolts to run through.

13. Next, the long bars were assembled with the Heim joints and bushings in preparation for bolting them to the mounts.

14. There are six possible combinations of adjustability to help fine-tune the system, preventing axlewrap and maximizing front-end lift. We started with our bars in the upper hole in the front and the lower hole in the rear.

15. To finish up, we tightened the bars in place. We waited to adjust their lengths until the truck was level on the ground.

16. The last step of upgrading our Lightning was to install new adjustable upper control arms. These are fully adjustable and will give us maximum adjustability for proper alignment or for fine-tuning camber at the track.

17. As with the previous steps, the instructions in the kit were very well written with full-color photos. This made the assembly process a breeze.

18. To remove the factory arm, the spindle was unbolted from the upper ball joint.

19. Then the two bolts holding the arm in place were removed and the arm was pulled from the truck.

20. The difference between the factory arm and the Stifflers replacement is quite apparent. This was the perfect time to do this since the factory ball joints were well worn and needed to be replaced.

21. In the reverse order from before, the new arms were slid into place and the factory bolts were reused to hold them in place.

22. After bolting the spindle in place and tightening the last bolts, the brake line and ABS cable were attached to the arm. The last step was to take the truck for an alignment check.

23. As you can see from the underside view, Project Stealth Fighter has much more bracing in place. After a few trips down the slalom and on the highway, it was apparent the truck was ready to handle like a sports car. Get stiff!

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