11th Place – Weakest Link

Autocross: 44.43 sec
Quarter-Mile: 33.06 @ 20.82 mph
3S Challenge: DNF
Slalom: DNF

A veteran of the THROWDOWN at LS Fest event, Kyle Feebeck, from Falmouth Kentucky, came out for the third year in a row. This time, he brought out an ’03 S-10 that had been Plasti-Dipped bright orange the week before. After placing Fifth then Second in the last two THROWDOWN events, we had high hopes for Kyle. That was until his first trip down the dragstrip ended with the factory GM locker throwing a pin and coming apart inside the pumpkin. Apparently the built 6.0L put down too much power and found the weak link in the drivetrain. With his truck back on the trailer, Kyle finished up the weekend enjoying some refreshing beverages and watching his friends throw their trucks around the track.

The autocross was the only event that Kyle finished before his rearend went kaput. That didn’t matter, he still had a blast cheering on the rest of his buddies that were competing in the event.

2003 Chevy S-10
Owner and City/State: Kyle Feebeck • Falmouth, Kentucky
Type: 6.0L
Heads: Ported and polished 243cc heads
Cam: Comp Cams 224/228 duration .580/.580 lift
Induction: LS6 intake
Exhaust: Custom shorty headers
Cooling: Electric fans
Fuel System: Nitrous Express 150 wet shot
Engine Management: Custom tune from Bluecat Tuning
Output: 520 rwhp and 500 rwtq (est. on spray)
Built by: GLR Performance
Transmission: 4L60e with Edge Racing 3400 torque converter
Rearend: 10-bolt with G80 posi unit
Front suspension: 3-inch Belltech drop
Rear suspension: 5-inch Belltech drop
Brakes: Stock
Wheels & Tires
Wheels: Stock Corvette Z06 wheels
Tires: Nitto NT-05 (f) 255/40ZR17 (r) 315/35ZR17

10th Place – Smokin’

Autocross: 44.39 sec
Quarter-Mile: 14.63 @ 88.86 mph
3S Challenge: 17.47 sec
Slalom: 8.92 sec

We always keep a couple slots open in our THROWDOWN registration for entries that we handpick upon arriving at LS Fest. This year, Jake Minor and his ’97 C/K were selected to compete. The thing that drew us to this truck was the charred fender. We found out that the truck had burnt to the ground and that was the last surviving piece. After signing the requisite paperwork, Jake was ready to compete. Unfortunately, it seemed that sometimes just because a truck has all of the boxes checked doesn’t mean the driver will be able to handle it. Coming in near last in five out of the six scored categories left Jake in Tenth Place. That didn’t mean he didn’t have a blast. After each event, you couldn’t beat the smile off Jake’s face.

The story behind the crispy fender on this truck is that the truck burned to the ground and Jake decided to build it again, incorporating the last remaining piece of the charred wreckage.

1997 Chevy C1500
Owner and City/State: Jake Minor • Big Lake, Minnesota
Type: 5.7L LM7 bored to 331ci
Heads: Ported and polished
Cam: Lunati Voodoo 228/228 duration, .565/.565 lift
Induction: Edelbrock Pro-Flo XT intake, Edelbrock 90mm throttle body
Exhaust: Schoenfeld long-tube headers, dual 3-inch exhaust with Thrush welded mufflers
Cooling: Be Cool aluminum radiator with electric fans
Fuel System: 42-pound injectors, Edelbrock Pro-Flo fuel rails, Walbro 255 fuel pump
Ignition: Stock 5.3L
Engine Management: Stock 5.3 computer, PSI wiring harness, tuned with EFI Live
Output: 400 rwhp (est)
Built by: Owner
Transmission: TH-350, B&M shift kit, manual valvebody
Rearend: 8.5-inch 10-bolt
Front suspension: DJM tubular upper control arms, DJM 3-inch drop tubular lower control arms, Belltech 2-inch drop spindles, 1-inch drop springs, QA1 R series adjustable shocks, Belltech sway bar, Energy suspension poly bushings
Rear suspension: Modified Ridetech triangulated four-link, QA1 Proma Star dual adjustable coilovers, No Limit engineering sway bar, Energy suspension poly bushings
Brakes: Front stock disc brakes, rear Impala SS disc brakes, SSBC adjustable proportioning valve
Wheels & Tires
Wheels: 19x9 TSW Jamara
Tires: Nitto NT-05 (f) 245/45ZR19 (r) 275/35ZR19

9th Place – Slick Stepside

Autocross: 49.26 sec
Quarter-Mile: 12.82 @ 105.14 mph
3S Challenge: 17.29 sec
Slalom: 9.02 sec

Since its first year in 2010, LS Fest has grown exponentially every year. And every year we have new guys compete in THROWDOWN. John Ashley of Eubank, Kentucky, was one of those guys this year. Having heard about the previous events, John contacted us and said he wanted to compete in his ’03 Chevy Stepside. Relatively basic mods kept John uncompetitive throughout the event. Coming in Fifth Place in reaction time and elapsed time were John’s saving grace. Even with super sticky Nitto NT-05s, John couldn’t muster any better than Tenth Place in the autocross and slalom. A little tuning and some practice will shed seconds off of John’s times and bring him closer to the top of the pack next year.

John was one of the guys with little experience on anything other than a dragstrip. This was one of the reasons he placed towards the back of the pack.

2003 Chevy Silverado 1500
Owner and City/State: John Ashley • Eubank, Kentucky
Type: 5.7 LS1
Heads: LS6
Cam: Trick Flow Track Max 238/242 duration, .595/.595 lift
Induction: Custom-smoothed intake manifold, Spectre cold-air intake, ported throttle body
Exhaust: Pacesetter long-tube headers, DynaMax Bullet mufflers
Engine Management: Custom tune by Bluecat Tuning
Built by: Lucas Performance
Transmission: TH-400 with Vigilante 4000 torque converter, TCI deep trans pan
Rearend: Stock with Detroit TruTrac and 4.10 gears
Front suspension: 3-inch drop spindles and 2-inch drop springs, Competition Engineering shocks
Rear suspension: Flip kit, C-notch, Competition Engineering shocks
Brakes: Bosch rotors, Performance Friction carbon metallic pads
Wheels & Tires
Wheels: 20-inch Silverado SS
Tires: Nitto NT-05 275/40R20

8th Place – Undercover

Autocross: 45.63 sec
Quarter-Mile: 12.48 @ 111.07 mph
3S Challenge: 16.68 seconds
Slalom: 8.10 seconds

The only prerequisite of LS Fest is that the vehicle be LS powered. This means that you can watch a Copo Camaro drag down the 1320 against an LS–swapped Nissan 240SX or a Fox-body Mustang battle a Silverado in the autocross. This kind of diversity makes LS Fest like no other performance event in the nation. Take Travis Pitts’ Silverado for example, a stock-looking regular cab on a set of wheels. Little do you know it has a 70mm turbo, cam, and full custom tune. A Detroit TruTrac puts the power through both rear wheels. Two Fifth Place finishes and two Sixth Place finishes were clouded by a last place finish in the reaction time category. If it weren’t for falling asleep on the greens, Travis might have been in the Top Five.

You don’t see too many wheels larger than 20s at LS Fest, but Travis Pitts wasn’t afraid of getting his 22s up to speed and showing us what his turbocharged regular cab was made of.

2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
Owner and City/State: Travis Pitts • Mount Olivet, Kentucky
Type: 4.8L
Heads: ARP head studs
Cam: Comps Cams turbo grind
Induction: Magnum 70mm turbo
Exhaust: Custom 3-inch with DynaMax Bullet mufflers
Cooling: 2006 Silverado radiator and electric fans
Fuel System: Lucas Performance dual feed sump fuel system
Engine Management: Custom tune by Bluecat
Output: 565 hp and 577 lb-ft of torque (flywheel)
Built by: Lucas Perfomance
Transmission: 4L80e with Vigilante 3400 torque converter
Rearend: Stock with Detroit TruTrac and 4.10 gears
Front suspension: Stock height
Rear suspension: 2-inch drop shackle
Wheels & Tires
Wheels: 22x10-inch Akuza
Tires: Nitto NT-420S 305/40R22

7th Place – Two-Tone Terror

Autocross: DNF
Quarter-Mile: 11.43 @ 112.66 mph
3S Challenge: DNF
Slalom: 8.22 sec

Hailing from the sandy shores of Florida, Kenny Douglas brought his ’00 Silverado up to Bowling Green for a chance at racing some of the fastest trucks in the country. Being a drag racer on slicks meant that Kenny did well in the quarter-mile, posting up the fastest elapsed time and trap speed of the group. His weekend went down hill from there when a lean condition in his motor caused his #1 and #2 pistons to swell and contact the cylinder walls. Not wanting to blow anything up, Kenny missed two events and scored mid-pack in the slalom, which left him in Seventh Place overall. Next year should bring a better tune and faster times for the Florida boy.

Florida-boy Kenny had a hell of a time beating on his Silvy. That was until his engine started making some butt-puckering noises that caused Kenny to take it a bit easier on his truck. He still came in Seventh Place, which is good for his first time.

2000 Chevrolet Silverado
Owner and City/State: Kenny Douglas • Panama City Beach, Florida
Type: 370ci 6.0L
Heads: Ported LS1
Cam: CamMotion 223/229 duration, .576/.558 lift
Induction: Kenne Bell 2.8L supercharger
Exhaust: Kooks 1⅞-inch to 2-inch stepped headers, custom 4-inch single exhaust with Magnaflow muffler
Cooling: GM 34-inch radiator, custom twin 16-inch electric fans controlled by PCM
Fuel System: Twin Walbro 255-lph fuel pumps, KB fuel block with stock regulator, Aeromotive fuel rails, Siemens 60 lb/hr injectors
Ignition: Stock COP, Taylor wires, NGK BR6EF plugs
Engine Management: Stock PCM tuned with HP Tuners
Output: 630 rwhp (est)
Built by: Weber Racing Engines and Owner
Transmission: 4L80e with Transgo HD-2 shift kit and FTI 3400 torque converter
Rearend: 10-bolt with Eaton posi and 3.73 gears
Front suspension: Hotchkis 2-inch drop coils, stock sway bar with poly bushings and endlinks, Rancho RS9000 single adjustable shocks
Rear suspension: Hotchkis 4-inch drop leafs, Hotchkis sway bar, relocated shock mounts with QA1 single adjustable shocks
Brakes: Hydroboost, (f) 2005 GM truck calipers, 13-inch EBC slotted rotors, Hawk HPS pads, (r) stock calipers, Brembo blank rotors, Hawk HPS pads
Wheels & Tires
Wheels: 18x9½ Eagle 219
Tires: Nitto NT-05 295/45R18