Ecology 101 46

404 hp and 25 mpg-From a V-6!

Slickerado 52
Slicker than An Oil-Soaked Wrench

Obsession 60
Etching a Mark in This Owner's Heart

Lingenfelter's 21st Century Classic 66
This 1955 Chevy is more modern than vintage


2011 Texas Heatwave 72

Getting Hot and Heavy in Austin

Goodguys 2011 Del Mar Show 114
Where custom trucks meet the surf


Re-birth of the Green Movement 86

Gain Horsepower and MPG While Saving Mother Earth

PSIched 98
Cam Ram Part III: HP Performance Turbo Kit on a 5.7L Hemi Stroker

Project Novakane: Paint and Body 104
Our GMC slips into something a little more sinister


Blessings and Beatings 14

Readers' Rap 16

New Products 18

Tool of the Month 22

Radical Renderings 32

Busted Knuckles 38

Classic Truck Trends 116

Readers' Rides 120

Coming Next Month 123

On The Cover:
Editor Dan Ward took this shot while cruising the streets of Austin, Texas after attending the Heatwave Truck show.