Top 10 of 2011 40

You Pick the Winner

Everything's Bigger in Texas 48
H2, Texas-style

Goldmember 52
Gilded Bow Tie

Cloak & Dagger 58
This Silverado is hiding something lethal

Heavy-Duty Bruiser 64
Big, bad, & bulletproof

iWey 70
Two-Door Tahoe/Silverado mash-up

The Forgotten One 78
An overlooked body style is transformed into a show winner


Biloxi Comes Alive 82

9th Annual Scrapin' the Coast


Hitting All the Gears 90

Replace your worn-out transmission with an upgraded one from Gearstar

Handling the Easy Way 100
Project MOMM gets new sway bars

Pressurized Lubrication 108
An Accusump may just save your engine from permanent destruction

Four-Door To Go 112
Lowering a 1998 Chevrolet Tahoe


Blessings and Beatings 16

Readers' Rap 22

Hall of Fame 26

New Products 28

Tool of the Month 32

Radical Renderings 34

Busted Knuckles 38

Readers' Rides 120

Coming Next Month 125

On the Cover:
Associate Editor Maxwell Matthewson shot Eddie Gonzalez's '97 two-door Tahoe at Scrapin' the Coast in Biloxi, Mississipi.