Hollow Point 56

This F-650 is at the top of Darth Vader's Christmas list

Imitator SS 64
Regular cab SS clone

King of the Concrete Jungle 70
Top of the food chain

Apocalypse Now 76
Superlift and Matchbox's F-350 is ready for anything

Heirloom 84
The gift that keeps on giving

Online Lifted Truck Gallery 90
Even more sky-high trucks at truckinweb.com


Bring the Noize 2012 94

A perfect day in the Arizona sunshine


Project Lead Sled 98

Part 1: Ekstensive Metalworks slams our Ram

Super Duty Makeover for Under $2,900 116
Looking good without compromising ride or breaking the bank

Kookin' in the Horsepower Kitchen 122
Adding Kooks long-tube headers to GM's 6.2L

Project 12-Gauge 128
Locked and loaded Silverado thanks to Auto Anything: Part 1


Blessings and Beatings 16

What'd You Say? 18

New Products 20

Tool of the Month 30

Truckin Tough 32

Radical Renderings 36

Busted Knuckles 42

Factory Fresh 44

Readers' Rides 136

Maxwell Matthewson

When Good Trucks Go Bad 138

You Asked, We Answered 143

On the Cover:
Superlift teamed up with Matchbox to build this big-boy toy of a Super Duty. Check out page 76 to see it in all of its glory and to see how to win a toy version of this truck! Photography: Dan Ward