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Chevrolet Custom Reviews

  • 1974 Chevy Stepside - One  Low '74
    Justin Duncan's show-winning 1974 Chevy Stepside went from heap to hero with some patient restoration and customization. Find out all the details inside Truckin' Magazine. - Read More
    1974 Chevy Stepside - One  Low '74
  • 1967 Chevy Vintage Truck - Homebuilt Perfection
    Rick Dyers super-clean 1967 Chevy vintage pickup truck has style, grace and power. See all the details inside Truckin' Magazine. - Read More
    1967 Chevy Vintage Truck - Homebuilt Perfection
  • Bone Collector
    Check out Matt Spence's custom-built 2001 Chevy Silverado HD lays frame on 24s, brought to you exclusively by the experts at Truckin Magazine. - Read More
    Bone Collector
  • '69 Long Roof
    Read how this custom 1969 Suburban mixes retro flavor with modern style, brought to you exclusively by the experts at Truckin Magazine. - Read More
    '69 Long Roof
  • Tennessee Terror
    Walking the custom truck-building balancing line is a hard path to walk. Trying to create a pebble-pushing eye-catcher with just the right amount of custom spice can get tricky, especially when the scene is permeated with body-dropped rides sporting elaborate - Read More
    Tennessee Terror
  • Factory Fast: Truckin' Magazine
    Turning more than 700 miles on the Silverado's odometer, we had the opportunity to clearly evaluate the truck's performance from the aspects of the freeway, roadways, and twisty canyon turnouts. With keys in hand, we began this journey as pessimists because we - Read More
    Factory Fast: Truckin' Magazine
  • Rocker-Crushing Crew
    Within the custom truck scene, the degree of modifications done to a truck separates the men from the boys. Roll into a show with a 4/6 drop and 18-inch rims and rubber and you're going to be clowned. Cruise onto the showfield with airbag suspension and 20s, a - Read More
    Rocker-Crushing Crew
  • Taking It All In
    Generating more power and performance out of an engine is something that speed enthusiasts strive for every time their toolbox is opened and the hood is lifted. Any true custom automotive enthusiast with gasoline in their veins desires more and more performanc - Read More
    Taking It All In
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Sound Investment Sound Investment Sound Investment
This truck has more electronics than a K...
Going all out on a custom truck buildup requires commitment and perseverance. It is the enthusiast who commits to taking their pro... Read More
Surrounded By Sound Surrounded By Sound Surrounded By Sound
Project '95 Chevy Gets a Host of MTX Aud...
Driving a custom truck creation down the street and watching as others admire the work you have performed is the most rewarding ex... Read More
Progressive Dualie Progressive Dualie Progressive Dualie
This '98 Diesel Chevy Is Full of Changes
There is a saying that goes, change is good. This cliche would explain the changes behind Kerry Cunningham's '98 diesel-powered, C... Read More
Crystal Eyes Crystal Eyes Crystal Eyes
Adding Good Looks from IPCW
Easy exterior bolt-ons are a huge market, with several manufacturers making clear corners, Euro taillights, and now projector head... Read More
Sizzlin' Silverado Sizzlin' Silverado Sizzlin' Silverado
Street Scene Equipment's Latest Head-Tur...
Those individuals who own and operate automotive aftermarket companies know that building custom vehicles to showcase the company'... Read More
PowerDime PowerDime PowerDime
Powerdyne Supercharges an S-10
Driving up and down the freeways of America, one is sure to see a large number of custom trucks rolling along with big wheels, bod... Read More