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Chevrolet Custom Reviews

  • Show  'N' Tow
    The pages of Truckin' are filled with custom trucks that were built by talented body and paint technicians who were looking to show off their skills and provide a calling card for their business. But what if your business is painting airplanes? This is precise - Read More
    Show  'N' Tow
  • Resting Rocker
    The images that danced through Kevin Blackshere's head were of body dropping, 'bagging, laying the rocker panels, and tucking 20s when he drove his '97 Chevy Tahoe off the lot in March of 1997. Kevin hails from Oklahoma City, and we caught a glimpse of his ins - Read More
    Resting Rocker
  • 1998 Chevy Extended Cab - Concealed  Custom
    In the world of aftermarket automotive customizing, there are several different approaches enthusiasts take to ensure that their vehicles get noticed. Some custom truck owners choose to go the radical route by body dropping their ride, laying every color of th - Read More
    1998 Chevy Extended Cab - Concealed  Custom
  • Innerspace
    Since we tuck our rims when our trucks are laid out, this adds an extra variable to the equation. Using these tips, you can correctly measure for the wheel fitment that best suits your suspension setup and lowered attitude of the specific truck. While we were - Read More
  • Orange Spice
    Sometimes the simple approach is the best way to look at certain things in life. In our travels across this great land, the staff of Truckin' has come across all sorts of custom pickups finished with different degrees of detailing and all levels of customizati - Read More
    Orange Spice
  • Bad to the Blown
    Planted firmly on the earth, sporting 1200 tire-blistering horsepower and bright Lemon Ice Yellow paint, this indescribable object rumbles toward you. The ground shakes, your eardrums vibrate, and your eyes widen in amazement as this object gets closer and clo - Read More
    Bad to the Blown
  • First Strike Design Crafts a Head-Turning 1995 Chevy Pickup
    Sometimes, things in life happen that you never expect, and people end up going down roads that are off the beaten path. Building a customized show truck is a lot like taking the road less traveled because enthusiasts are creating something that takes on a dif - Read More
    First Strike Design Crafts a Head-Turning 1995 Chevy Pickup
  • A Bagged and Body-Dropped 1998 Chevy Crew Cab Dualie
    Sometimes custom trucks end up being created by accident because the owner took a truck they never intended on modifying and went crazy with the welder and their checkbook. Kerry Cunningham of Houma, Louisiana, is one such enthusiast who originally purchased t - Read More
    A Bagged and Body-Dropped 1998 Chevy Crew Cab Dualie
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If you're in the business of grading and...
If you're in the business of grading and building roads, then you had better not be afraid to pound the pavement in your custom we... Read More
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Planting 'Rail and Tucking 22s
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A Hard-Hitting Custom Crew Cab
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A Celestial Body with Bad Habits
When we photograph a truck to be featured on these pages, it is usually the result of a project that came to be in one of two ways... Read More
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Tragedy Turned Into Triumph
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