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Dodge Custom Reviews

  • Hard Chargin' Hemi
    Our group has built a few custom Chevy and Ford projects in the past and decided it was time to try our hands at a Ram. A few phone calls to Dodge's corporate office and our '03 quad cab Hemi-powered Ram 2500 4x4 was on its way to our Anaheim, California offic - Read More
    Hard Chargin' Hemi
  • Another 48 Hours
    Whenever a new body-style pickup is introduced to the public, it doesn't take custom truck enthusiasts and builders very long to get their hands on these new machines, hammer their frames to the earth, shave their bodies clean, and brighten their exteriors wit - Read More
    Another 48 Hours
  • Decadent Dodge
    Making a statement and being original are both high priorities within the custom truck community. Enthusiasts are no longer satisfied following the trends; they want to set them. Consequently, there has been a sudden uprising of troll hair interiors, leopard a - Read More
    Decadent Dodge
  • Heavy Breathin'  Hemi
    One man who has always been a Dodge fan and has explored the customizing possibilities and potential of these pickups is Jim Bell, owner and proprietor of Kenne Bell Superchargers in Rancho Cucamonga, California. A performance enthusiast at heart, Jim's custom - Read More
    Heavy Breathin'  Hemi
  • Dodge Done Texas Style
    Jason Matthew Woodall is a happy camper. His good mood stems from the fact that he loves his '98 Dodge Ram, and he says he loves the whole slammed show truck atmosphere. Jason's Highlands, Texas, address put him in the backyard of some very talented truck buil - Read More
    Dodge Done Texas Style
  • FirstBlood
    Mopar owners really love their vehicles. They aren't as common as the Chevrolet and Ford pickups, but their owners take great pride in customizing them. It's a labor of love that, despite setbacks, problems, and even injuries, Mopar fans keep dedicating their - Read More
  • Put That Bed To Sleep
    One common misconception of people not involved in the sport truck industry is the assumption that none of us ever actually use our truck's bed for anything other than storing the truck cover. Top the bed off with a tonneau cover and that analogy really seems - Read More
    Put That Bed To Sleep
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