The Phoenix car show scene has evolved over the years, with big shows coming and going like so many snowbirds to Sun City. But one thing has been constant as time progresses, and that's the presence of a yearly Severed Ties event for custom car owners to show off their hard work.

For the past few years, a parking lot at Metrocenter Mall, in Phoenix, has played host to the Severed in the Southwest show. Every fall, the parking lot fills up with custom cars and trucks from all across the city and surrounding states. But this isn't just a car show, Severed Ties has done a good job of making it a real event, with games for the kids, bands, and even welding competitions to see who can lay down the nicest beads. And since the show is just walking distance from dozens of restaurants, it's a perfect location for the whole family.

The 2010 edition of the show had all that and more. Shops from all over took over the parking lot, hawking their wares and showing off their latest projects. Jimmy from Airizona Airworx was doing graphics right on the spot, laying down patterns on a juiced Tacoma. Then there was Lowboy Motorsports, who pulled out a body dropped Excursion on 26s, as well as a '55 Chevy truck converted to a dually. Even the show crowd was filled with celebrities, as Fester brought out multiple former Mini Truckin' cover trucks.

As usual, it was quite the event for all that attended, and we would expect nothing less from Severed Ties. For those that didn't make it this year, mark down next year's event on your calendar because this is a great show that shouldn't be missed.

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