It's a fear that all custom wheel owners share-and the threat never goes away. That deep pothole on the way to work, the big uneven concrete ridge on the way in to your apartment complex, the debris that is suddenly upon you on the freeway...all of these things have become dangers, making the world a scary place for big wheels dressed in low-profile tires. Try as you might, there may be a someday in which some unavoidable hazard leaves you with a bent wheel. But how to fight back? As wheels become both frighteningly expensive and hard to come by (as older models get discontinued), buying a new one isn't the answer we want. Enter Wheels America.

A few weeks before, we'd bent a 22-inch wheel on a nasty pothole in downtown Los Angeles. We perused some online forums to get some guidance on which wheel repair centers/remanufactures have solid reputations. Again and again, we kept seeing good things written about Wheels America. With locations in every corner of the country, they were certainly convenient (they had a location right around the corner from us in Buena Park, California) and when we gave them a call we were impressed by the knowledgeable staff, who told us to come on over so they could tackle the repair. We were at their building a couple hours later, armed with a camera and the bent wheel.

The very next day, we got a call in the morning. "Wheel's ready for you." We drove back and were amazed to that our previously bent wheel was perfectly repaired. Apparently many repairs can be handled this quickly by Wheels America, and the work is guaranteed. Read on for a quick rundown of what Wheels America can do, and believe us when we say they do it well.

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