In Truckin' Volume 36, No. 7, we covered our 2000 Chevy S-10's full air-ride suspension setup. Along with hooking up 'bags and new wheels and tires at each corner, we also swapped out the beat up, stock rotors for Stillen Brake Pros rotors for a couple reasons. First, they will simply look better behind the brand new wheels. Secondly, Stillen's rotors are designed to maximize brake performance while still utilizing the stock caliper and brake pads. It was a win/win situation.

Follow along as we perform the rotor swap in our driveway in a matter of only an hour and a half.

Driver Seat:
With Stillen's reputable rotors bolted onto our project S-10, we had little to worry about its stopping ability. We also don't have to sweat the old, nasty looking rotors peeking through behind the spokes of the brand spanking new wheels. We completed the entire swap in less than 2 hours in the driveway with nothing more than common hand tools, grease, and a can of spray paint. This swap was a no-brainer.

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