Remember the Ford Lightning? We certainly do. With its aggressive styling, lowered suspension, compact size, and potent supercharged V-8, it was one of our favorite trucks of its era. In fact, we’ve held onto one as a project truck, and had a blast taking it around the track at our last THROWDOWN event. Although we’re not here to announce the return of the Lightning, Ford has just unveiled something nearly as cool: the F-150 Tremor.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Tremor is it’s a standard-cab short-bed model—the classic sport truck form factor. The truck’s exterior styling is simple yet aggressive, bringing in design elements from the FX appearance package, such as 20-inch flat black wheels, flat black graphics, and red-on-black badges. HID headlights, an upgraded black grille, and bedside Tremor logos also add custom flair. Inside the cab, you’ll find black leather bucket seats instead of a bench, a unique element of this standard-cab F-150. The upholstery is also accented with Alcantara inserts, red piping, and a red-stitched steering wheel.

We can’t wait to see one of these with a few bolt-ons give a V-8 truck a run for its money!

Fortunately, the Tremor is more than just an appearance package. It’s also the first short-wheelbase F-150 to offer an EcoBoost motor. While some may lament the lack of a V-8 under the hood of this sport truck, we’ve seen firsthand that the EcoBoost has enormous performance potential. The twin-turbo motor pumps out plenty of tire-melting power, with 365 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque across a surprisingly broad RPM range. This is compounded by its launch-optimized 4.10 gear ratio, the shortest offered in any EcoBoost truck.

Even though the new Tremor may not quite be a Lightning-beater, it has all the right boxes checked: regular-cab, short bed, aggressive styling inside and out, and a boosted motor with lots of aftermarket potential. We can’t wait to see one of these with a few bolt-ons give a V-8 truck a run for its money, only to have the owner respond, “That thing has a V-6?!"