How fast can 4-tons of truck cover the quarter mile in? Faster than you might think! This year at Diesel Power Challenge we saw some trucks that were way too fast even for Bandimere Speedway. Lavon Miller, who posted the biggest combined horsepower and torque numbers during the Dyno Test on the first day, blew through the traps at 11.30 seconds at 130 mph and was very quickly warned by the track officials that if he ran anything quicker than an 11.50, he would be disqualified. This would later prove to affect the outcome of the Drag Race portion of the Diesel Power Challenge 2014!

Some people might not think that mid 11 second quarter mile times are all that impressive but they fail to see two very important key pieces of information. One is that the lightest of these trucks tipped the scales at 6,480 pounds while the heaviest tipped them at 8,780 pounds. Mid 11-second quarter mile E.T.’s with that much weight is pretty darn impressive in our book. By far the biggest game changer though is the location of Bandimere Speedway which sits high up at 5,813.6 feet of elevation and normally has a density altitude of over 9,000 feet. Yeah, that’s the kind of density altitude that would leave keyboard commandos gasping for air in the fetal position. Yeah, these high powered diesel trucks are that fast and are without question some of the fastest trucks in North America!

Check out just how fast this year’s Diesel Power Challenge competitors were at rippin’ down the quarter mile track!