It’s one of the most grueling and demanding competitions for performance diesel trucks in North America. That’s right, we’re talking about Diesel Power Challenge. For the 2014 event, nine of the highest-performance trucks gathered in Colorado at ATS Diesel Performance to try to stake their claim to being the top diesel truck in the U.S. and Canada. Appropriately enough, the nine competitors were evenly divided between Ford, GM and Dodge/Ram, with the respective powerplants, the Power Stroke, Duramax and Cummins all represented at the competition.

To get things off to a competitive and brag-worthy start, the first day competition was the Dyno Test. The high altitude of Colorado seemed to take its toll on the dyno, with several of the owners disappointed at the uncorrected numbers put down by the trucks. Unfortunately, one of the competitors couldn’t get the truck started. The top pull of the day was Lavon Miller with a 948.5-horse, 2034-lb-ft run. Next up is the quarter-mile competition, where the trucks will prove how effectively they can get the power to the pavement! Stay tuned to Diesel Power all week for exclusive video action from this year’s event!