Most of the contests of Diesel Power Challenge are competitions of pure muscle, whether it’s on the dyno, at the dragstrip, or at the sled pull. But the one competition that is the great equalizer is the trailer tow obstacle course. Power comes in handy towing the 10,000-pound skid loader, but ultimately, it takes skill and experience towing, and steady nerves to maneuver the trailer around the course. But even past experience is no guarantee of future success, as last year’s winner Wesley Beech was the first to knock over cones.

Newer trucks proved to have the advantage in maneuverability, with a tighter turning radius compared to the leaf-sprung ’95 F-350, which struggled through part of the course. Lavon Miller and his 2004 Ram 3500, which won the dyno competition, ended up posting a respectable second-place finish. Who won the event? Watch the video below to find out!