It may not be quite as iconic as the A-Team van, the Munster Koach, or Ecto-1, but you could own a small part of YouTube video history with Roadkill’s beloved 1973 GMC Suburban, named “Macho Grande” by Dave Freiburger, now up for sale on eBay. The current bid as of this writing is $2,800, and its condition is listed as “well-used.” The two-wheel-drive jumbo SUV is powered by a rebuilt 454ci big-block V-8. The vehicle has 350,000 miles total.

The seller, who goes to great lengths to emphasize he’s a private-party second owner and not affiliated with the show, Hot Road, or TEN (the parent company of Hot Rod and Truck Trend), does not sugar-coat the condition or quirks of the vehicle, freely saying that it leaks oil, smells like burning oil while driving, and that the battery will drain if left connected overnight. However, the Suburban has a new alternator, plug wires, radiator, and brake pads. The interior is candidly described as “pretty torn up,” but on the flip-side, the door panels are “good,” and the body is “amazingly rust-free,” aside from some superficial oxidation.

As an added bonus, the seller will throw in a set of rear “barn doors” that will fit the rear of the Suburban, if the buyer is interested.

Source: eBay