Chevrolet announced the company's August sales numbers today, which included a tidbit worth sharing about the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado.

Once considered a dead segment, Chevy and GMC are taking a gamble that the midsized buyer is just waiting for a compelling product. Early sales numbers would seem to support this as the company announced that early response to the Chevy Colorado was "off the charts". Dealers requested 28,000 Colorado orders in August, the first month the Colorado order bank was open. This is seven times greater than the company anticipated. GMC is also experiencing higher-than-expected demand with the more expensive GMC Canyon, racking up 14,000 orders from that division's dealers.

Without any truly new entries since 2005, there is clearly pent-up demand in the midsize segment. Interestingly enough, Chevy is betting that many people who moved from a midsize truck to crossover SUV are just looking for a reason to come back. These early sales returns could support that thinking.

Source: Chevrolet